Radio: Deep Exploration of Solutions to WBAI’s Financial Crisis

The following 2 hour special was broadcast on WBAI on 1/11/2018 and was the joint effort of Where We Live producer Sally O’Brien and Education at the Crossroads producer Basir Mchawi – It offers a comprehensive look at the current crisis at WBAI and Pacifica at large and discusses possible solutions. In the interests of transparency the program includes a variety of WBAI producers, staff, listeners and board members who have varying opinions about several options to get WBAI out of it’s immediate threat of a court order to immediately pay the Empire State Realty Trust 1.8-million dollars past due on rent for our transmitter.

Those options include: filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, securing a “bridge loan” to immediately pay Empire State – pending the putting together a longer term loan at lower interest rates to pay that bridge loan off and attend to other network wide needs,a signal swap, and the possibility of a 7 (or 8) year PSOA (A Programming or Public Service Operating Agreement (PSOA) with Manhattan Neighborhood Network that could offer possibilities to rebuild our precious station.

Guests: Heart of Mind & Health Action producer Kathryn Davis; Lets Talk Native producer John Kane; Health Action producer Bob Lederer; Building Bridges producer Mimi Rosenberg; Golden Age of Radio producer Max Schmid, Sports Qualified producer M.Saidia McLaughlin and Cat Radio Cafe producer Janet Coleman

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MP3 -Audio file # 1 – 58:29
MP3 -Audio file # 2 – 59:42

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