What You Can Do To Help Secure WBAI’s Future

1. Share the information on the proposed partnership with listeners, producers, and community activists. Direct folks to savewbai.org .

2. Take petitions in support of the WBAI/MNN partnership and get them signed. Or encourage people in your network to sign it online. (For a link, go to savewbai.org )

3. Arrange for time on the agenda of community organizations, labor unions, or religious congregations to hear a presentation about the proposal. Or organize a separate meeting in your community on this topic. We can send a speaker.

4. Let us know which elected officials and civic/labor leaders you know. We can work with you to arrange a joint meeting to seek their support for the proposal.

5. Join our working group to plan campaign strategy and next steps, including organized outreach to listener-subscribers and community groups.


Sun., April 8 from 2-4 PM – for details, email info@savew


6. Learn more about the WBAI/Pacifica crisis and a possible Public Service Operating Agreement at savewbai.org .

For more info or to share other organizing ideas, contact: info@savewbai.org