The Media is the Movement: Grassroots Collaborations in the Age of Corporate Consolidation (Part 2)

Part 2 Panelists:
Bernard White, former Program Director of WBAI and host of

Mimi Rosenberg, co-host, “Building Bridges” on WBAI (moderator and panelist)

Carlito Rovira, Puerto Rican Indepentance Activist (Part 2)

Part 1: Panelists:
Prof. Gerald Horne, Radical historian and author of numerous books (P1 features Horne)

John Kane of Talk Back (Thursday mornings on WBAI)
Dan Coughlin, Exec. Dir., Manhattan Neighborhood Network (cable TV) (Part 3)

Our deepest condolences to Prof. Mario Murillo, who cannot participate due to a death in his family.

“(The media) have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” -Malcolm X

Corporate media exercises hegemony over the vast majority of the U.S. population by distorting our beliefs, ideology, assumptions, and experiences and contributing to mass ignorance of the crimes of the global capitalist system, together with defeatism about the potential for change. for decades, progressive community media-radio, TV, books, podcasts, websites, social media and others-have created grassroots alternatives that provide missing information and challenge the dominant media’s false narratives. Many of these outlets have played key roles in helping to build movements for justice and peace.

But the era of corporate consolidation an digital transformation of media has created unprecedented financial and technological challenges to these underfunded projects. which are struggling to survive as preferred platforms for viewing and listening have changed. This panel will examine corporate and progressive media history, particularly the role of racism in both in order to understand the path and the way forward.

We will explore strategies to create and sustain movement-based media, with an emphasis on the role of multi-media partnerships among community radio, public-access cable TV and internet-based media projects, both in New York city and nationwide.

The panel is sponsored by WBAI Rising, a coalition of radio listeners and producers working toward a radio-TV-digital partnership between listener-sponsored Pacifica station WBAI 99.5FM ( and Manhattan Neighborhood (public access TV) Network. The goal of WBAI Rising is to transform community media in New York City and build the audience for programming focused on the struggles for social and economic justice and peace.